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(im really sorry if this kind of post isnt allowed- please delete it if it isnt!)

I thought i'd share this as i personally think its a great deal!  My boyfriend is a photographer but shit at advertising, so i figured i'd help him out a little ^_^

My boyfriend is a photographer- some of his photos have had some good feedback in other forums, so i figured someone may be interested.

  • He currently does a deal for £75 which includes 4 fully edited pictures- 1-2 hours shooting at our home studio in Brighton or a location.  The price is cheap because he's trying to get his name known.
  • We are testing a makeup artist in a couple of weeks so we may have one available who does tfp or very cheap :) 
  • -Though if not, i have done the makeup for alot of the shoots you see in the portfolio
  • he's worked for maxmara, nissan, help the aged, london fashion week and various others

website is
more images available at flickr

i was going to post some sample images but photobucket seems to be down o_0

Anyway..hope someone finds this helpful :)

EB x

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