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Wicked Talent UK

Annoucements for Events

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Wicked Talent is a gothic model referral company based in LA, and has been running for just over 5 successful years after its founding by donnaricci.

In May 2003, Wicked Talent UK was launched, with lavyrnia and sadiecakes acting as UK management.

This livejournal is intended to provide annoucements to the public involving wicked talent: events, press releases and news. It will not be a source for castings or member information, for which you will need to subscribe with us and use our exclusive casting board.

Photographers, clothing designers and makeup artists can join our casting board in order to post castings only - for more information please visit

Wicked Talent UK Casting Board

Please note if we see no evidence you are a photographer or similar then we wont approve your membership to the board.